Welcome to Kayak Tours Budva!

We are ocean and water sports lovers and our goal is for you to have the best possible active time during your visit to Budva.

We want to share with you all the hidden gems in the area and explore the places that are secret to most tourists.

Join us to create unforgettable memories and experience Budva from a completely different perspective.


We provide kayak or Sup boards and the whole equipment that you need for your own tour. Also, we will give you a map and suggestions on where to go and what to see. 
Paddle at your own pace, escape from the crowd, see hidden places that most of the tourist never reach, take your time, and enjoy on the water around Budva. 

You can take your kids with you; we have life jackets for them too. 

1-hour rental Kayak or SUP - 10 €  
Double-seat kayak - 40 eur/day
SUP board - 30 eur/day
Viber -  WhatsApp  - Telegram: 
+382  68516919
Budva, Montenegro